Ticket Options

There are four ticket options for attending ULTRA Singapore:

  • General Admission (GA) – Most people attend ULTRA Singapore as a GA ticket holder. Entering the festival through the West Entrance, GA ticket-holders can visit every stage as well as most bars & food options. There are three separate General Admission options for purchase:
    • 2-day GA Ticket – admission for both days of Ultra Singapore
    • 1-day GA Ticket – admission for one day of Ultra Singapore, you must elect which day you prefer upon purchase
    • Ultra Passport Packs – For those who wish to attend Ultra Singapore with their friends, the Ultra Passport Pack allows the opportunity to unlock a 6th ticket once 5 are purchased. This offer is for 2-day GA tickets only, and is available exclusively to Ultra Passport holders.
  • Premium General Admission (PGA) – There is a limited quantity of PGA tickets. PGA ticket-holders enter the festival through a separate entrance (the South Entrance), have access to the VIP Village with dedicated bars & food stalls, and have access to PGA-only viewing areas at the Main Stage and Live Stage. PGA tickets are sold as 2-day passes only.
  • VVIP Standing – VVIP Standing tickets grant the ticket-holder access to the VVIP Platform (Tier 3 only) overlooking the Main Stage. VVIP Standing ticket-holders enter through the VVIP Entrance and have access to the VIP Village with dedicated bars & food stalls as well as air-conditioned restrooms. There is also a bar on the VVIP platform exclusively for VVIP Standing ticket-holders. VVIP Standing tickets are sold as 2-day and 1-day passes.
  • VVIP Tables – VVIP Tables are available to those seeking greater prestige and service. VVIP Tables are sold by tier and come with an accompanying premium bottle package. Guests enter through the VVIP Entrance and have access to the VVIP Village (though food may also be ordered to the table). Guests also have access to air-conditioned restrooms.

Before the Purchase

Ticket sales begin far in advance of the event. Generally, the longer you wait to buy tickets, the more expensive they will be. Those who purchase tickets early sometimes pay as little as 50% as much as those who attempt to purchase at the last minute.

In order to have the option to purchase the lowest-priced tickets available, you must register in advance. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to a limited Early Bird sale. Be sure to follow the instructions in the registration email carefully to avoid unnecessary delays when purchasing your ticket(s).

Buying your Tickets

DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Any time you purchase tickets from a third party (i.e. a friend, a ticket-reselling website, ticket broker, etc.), you risk getting scammed. We do not describe the specific methods scammers use because we do not want to give anyone ideas, but each year we deal with some disappointed fans who did not listen to this warning and are stuck outside the event gates with fake or invalid tickets. Please do not be one of them.

When you click the link to buy tickets from the event site you will be taken to the event’s official ticket retailer. From there, it is a simple process to purchase your tickets, but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

    • At checkout there will be additional charges for service fees. These charges will be clearly indicated before you confirm your order total.
    • Following your purchase, you will receive an e-ticket in the form of a confirmation email. Be sure to keep your e-ticket on file, as this will serve as proof of purchase when you go to pick up your wristband closer to the event date.

    After the Purchase

    In order to gain entry to the festival, you must have an ULTRA Singapore wristband. Depending on your location and date of purchase, wristband pickup instructions will vary. Please see below for the various pickup options and identify in advance which option pertains to you.

    Wristbands purchased IN SINGAPORE must be collected at the wristband collection at:

    Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
    Level 3 Ballroom
    Tuesday, June 12th – Thursday, June 14th
    12pm – 9pm SGT

    All wristbands purchased OUTSIDE OF SINGAPORE must be collected at the ULTRA Singapore wristband collection event at:

    Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
    Level 3 Ballroom
    Friday, June 15th & Saturday, June 16th
    10am – 6pm SGT