Ultra Singapore features a large variety of electronic music performers. These artists are announced in groups called “phases.” “Phase 1” is the first lineup announcement followed by “Phase 2”. These phases are not to be confused with “Tiers,” which are used to distinguish ticketing options. “Phase” number simply refers to the order in which artists are announced, and has nothing to do with the day that an artist is playing. An exact schedule of performers is announced and published and/or posted in advance of the event so that you can make a tentative schedule.

There are 3 stages at the event: Main Stage, Ultra Worldwide Stage, and RESISTANCE. Every single artist on the lineup will be scheduled to perform in person at the event. Usually the performances are DJ sets, where an artist mixes music on turntables for an extended period of time.

All the stages are located within the confines of the event grounds and are accessible at any time during the event with any ticket you purchase.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time attendees make is neglecting to explore the entire event. Every year, we have thousands of attendees tell us that their favorite performances of the weekend were from artists that they had never even heard of beforehand, and just stumbled upon the stage and performer accidentally. Every single stage is packed with the best talent in the world from open until close. We go to great lengths to make sure that, no matter where you go or when, you will be able to listen to top talent.

You can view the ULTRA Singapore lineup here.