Attending the Festival

The festival is an intense 2-day musical journey, and it will be unlike anything you have experienced. As a result, some of the information in this section may not make sense at first, but trust us, you will be glad you read it.

Among one of the more important aspects of enjoying and attending the event is taking care of yourself. Much of this involves common sense, such as wearing comfortable shoes and clothing, staying hydrated since Singapore is hot and humid and making sure to note where medical staff is available in case you or someone you know has a medical issue.

There are particular measures to attending the event that are not necessarily common sense, and you should pay close attention because this information may dramatically improve your experience.

    • Take note of what items are allowed and not allowed into the event. Some prohibited items are obvious (no weapons, no illegal drugs, etc.) but some are less obvious. For example, event organizers do not allow normal backpacks that are not made of clear material (plastic, PVC, mesh). A full list of prohibited items, which may be updated based on new circumstances, issues, technologies and problems that may arise, can be found here, and the clear bag policy can be found here.
    • Pace yourself. Many attendees think they will have energy to dance all day at the event and go to after parties each night. Only a tiny percentage of people do this. Don’t leave yourself too tired to enjoy the event on the second day. Respect your body.
    • You won’t be able to re-enter the event. If you enter and then leave, you will not able to enter again until the following day. Don’t worry, everything you need can be found inside (the food inside the event is actually very good).
    • The event organizers make no representation or warranties regarding either the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein nor is the information contained herein intended to be an endorsement of any product or service referenced herein. The information contained herein is not intended to replace any federal, state or municipal laws, regulations, ordinances or governmental directives.